An Reflection On The Impression Formation

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Impression is a long lasting image of a person created in our minds which can last long for years. There are a lot of research done by Solomon Asch (1946), Bruner & Taiguri (1954), Rosenberg, Nelson & Vivekanathan (1968) to understand Impression Formation. According to Solomon Asch (1946) at a glance of any person an impression of his personality can instantly form. Even by looking or talking with that person a whole story about his entire character can be told. These impressions can be formed quickly and easily which can enhance or distress our opinion on a person. Our ongoing observations can’t be change but we can neglect it. Even it is known that this process is not perfect but sometimes it can be extremely sensitive.
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There has been different studies that shows that skills of impression management work effectively. It even helps in creating optimistic first impression of a person but it also cannot be true always. For example, it’s not always necessary that good first impression of a student (intelligent) on the first day of school would be same, it can vary or change according to his performance in the class.

The question is why there is always different character in a person. And even when they have same character what make them different from each other. According to Solomon Asch (1946) every individual have different characteristics. For example, a person can have different characteristics like he/she is intelligent, energetic, have great sense of humor, is very fast in his work, courageous, punctual and humble with his fellows. This can create an impression of that person in our mind. A combination of a person character make an impression of him/her on others. But the main question asked by Solomon Asch (1946) “We ask: How do the several characteristics function together to produce an impression of one person? What principles regulate this process?”

According to Asch (1946) the variety and way to which one goes elsewhere form the first information given by the trait is variable but some traits have much more
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