An Researcher 's Role Should Be Non Existent

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A qualitative researcher is always seeking to understand the world and many times seeking to understand people. The idea that the complexities of the world are too complex for a simple instrument to understand and interpret is not a new notion. “The researcher using qualitative method will argue that another human being (e.g. himself) is the only instrument that is sufficiently complex to comprehend and learn about human existence” (Lave, Jean, Kvale, & Steinar, 1995, p. 1). As the researcher goes through the qualitative research process (designing, interviewing, transcribing, coding, analyzing, verifying, reporting, etc.) it would be ridiculous to ignore the subjective role of the researcher during this process and the importance of that role to the overall study. I have read articles about how in quantitative studies the researcher’s role should be non-existent. Understanding the fundamental differences between quantitative and qualitative studies would clearly indicate why the role of the researcher in qualitative studies cannot be non-existent. Furthermore qualitative research requires the researcher to be the instrument or instruments, it means we must also accept that the researcher is also influencing every other aspect of the study such as who gets interviewed, what gets asked, where is the research site or sites, etc. I actually reject the notion that quantitative studies as a whole are not subjective, which means that I reject that the researcher in…
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