An Rhetorical Analysis Of 'How Britain Got So Fat'

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An analytical essay of “How Britain got so fat.”
Obesity is a massive problem all around the world. It is predominantly an issue in the United Kingdom, but it also a difficulty in other countries, for instance, in the United States, Denmark, Germany, etc. Being obese may seem like an individual problem, but it can, in fact, be a social problem. In general, you can ask yourself: Who is to blame? Perhaps it is society, maybe it is the subjective experts, or conceivably it is you.
The article “How Britain got so fat” was written in 2014 by Sarah Boseley, who is the health editor of the British newspaper “The Guardian.” The article follows one significant theme namely obesity, including one solid case with a woman named Georgia Davis and the subjectivity of the experts in the food and nutrition industries.
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The use of pathos can, for example, be seen at the beginning of the article, when Sarah Boseley describes an incident with a woman named Georgia Davis. Georgia had to be escorted out of her house by forty people, who had to demolish a wall, construct a wooden bridge, and at last reinforce a stretcher in the bedroom. The author also mentions that Georgia weights four hundred kilograms. The author uses pathos because she appeals to the reader's emotions and makes the reader understand the issue of obesity clearer. It also shows that the author has an opinion on the overall subject because she places a view on the article, which is the opinion the reader receives. The author gets her opinion and beliefs about obesity being a problem through by arguing with a specific case, which also shows that what she is arguing for is, in fact, a
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