An Sociological And Psychological Aspects Of The Communication Process

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Describe communication, evaluate the stages of the communication process and assess the key aspects of each process. Evaluate the importance of successful communication and explain how interference can affect communication by using one of the communication models by looking at the impact communication had on the receiver, explaining factors like Source, Nature, Level, Time, Frequency, Use, Form and Type. Critically evaluate the sociological and psychological aspects of modern communication methods. Describe advantages and disadvantages of the modern communication methods and how the introduction of conferencing, computer, teleworking and other new technologies have affected society both sociologically and psychologically Evaluate the key…show more content…
Thirdly there will be a critical evaluation of the sociological and psychological aspects of modern communication, looking at how the introduction of new communication technology has altered society. The Shannon-Weaver communication model represents communication between a sender and receiver, it was the first model for communication theorised. It is composed of the following stages: sender, encoding, channel, decoding, receiver, and feedback. There is an additional factor that can distort communication, which is noise. In 1948, when Shannon and Weaver 's The Mathematical Theory of Communication was published, noise represented interference on a telephone line. Today however, noise is a metaphor for any form of interruption during the communication process. A sender wanting to send a message must first encode it in a meaningful form for the receiver. Encoding is the translation of an idea or concept into a message, it is one of the key stages in the communication process. The sender must be cognisant of the receiver 's knowledge and use symbols understandable to the receiver. These symbols may be verbal or non-verbal, examples of which are words and gestures. Improper encoding is a barrier to communication as it will inhibit the decoding of the message and distort the information. An example of poor encoding would be an advertisement using the same message throughout multiple countries in which some words
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