An Sos From Lilly : Sos

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As the designated driver, I had to make sure not to over drink. And I wanted to make sure my friends don’t either. I spot laura and adam making out in the corner, but on the other side of the room from them is Lilly who’s eying them carefully, a hint of sadness in her eyes. I sigh and glance around the room trying to find Lucas, I’m a little worried, he can get a bit crazy at parties. I relax a little when I see him in deep sleep on one of the couches. Poor kid always having one too many shots. I’m not sure if they’re enjoying their time or not but I know I’m ready to leave, and I don’t wanna kill their fun. However, I get my answer when my phone buzzes and it’s an SOS from Lilly. SOS is the group’s code to let the others know that they’re in trouble or need someone to talk to. I look up quickly and I see her signaling to me with her head that she wants to leave. I walk up to her and ask if she’s alright, but like always she just shrugged. “Let’s go find the others”. As we’re approaching Lucas who’s still passed out on that old couch, we’re stopped by Marcus. Marcus MIller. He goes to the same school as us. We’re not very fond of him to be honest. He’s always intruding. We just ignore him. As the popular kids, it might seem rude to do so, but we…
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