An Ss Party Member 's Journal

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Julius Madula
Mrs. Fox
Lange Arts Period 6-7 december 26, 2015
An SS Party Member’s Journal
August 19, 1939 Our diplomatic team was just assigned to broker a non-aggression treaty with the Third Reich’s greatest enemy, Communist Russia, last week. Few of us knew the Russian language including me, so I was forced to go, since we didn’t want a translator compromising our terms. This will be difficult for I have always hated the Russians, but I must follow the Fuhrer’s order. We were given a week to receive and put to words the negotiation terms the Fuhrer has given us. The terms are classified so I shouldn’t put them in this journal. We are to depart the Reichland and enter the evil communist country a few days from now. I will not be able to sleep tonight.

August 21, 1939 As we travel over Poland and the Baltic States, I cannot help but notice the peaceful silence of the sky. Soon, however, the sky shall be filled with AA gunfire and explosions when our glorious Reich takes over Poland. That shall be a marvelous sight. Anyhow, I have been trying to find more information about the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin. This leader is a tyrant, a root of evil, for he has been purging millions of his own citizens ,including his officers, because he fears they might revolt. He forced farmers and peasants to work on government owned farms called collective farms to increase food production for industrial workers. Reports say that over a million people have been killed, deported, or…
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