An Understanding Of Gender Perception, Gender, And Gender

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On the basis of this we may say that on the one hand, an understanding of gender perception, gender role assignment, and gender subversion can be achieved only within a given socio-cultural context; and on the other hand, only a polyvalent and dynamic approach to the real workings and functioning of these sources can inform us. In order words we need to understand how concepts like monolingualism, multilingualism, Islam, and illiteracy work in real social everyday life. Thus, the question that theories of gender in our part of the world should address is: What are the socio-cultural sources of power and authority in the region that constitute culture and regulate gender perception, gender role assignment, and gender subversion? Among the various sources of power and authority, seven stand out: history, Islam, multilingualism, orality, social organization, economic status, and political system.”


Research Setting

This research will be conducted with a non-governmental organization serving women victims of gender biased violence, and women who find themselves in a deep state of precariousness as runaway young women and unwed mothers called the Moroccan Women’s Protection Center (MWPC). Founded in May 2003, the MWPC is a small, and independent organization in Southwest Coastal Morocco committed to helping and supporting women victims of moral, socio-economical, psychological and physical violence. Contacts with the MWPC were made with the assistance of Dar Si…
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