An Understanding Of One Of The Largest Towns

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The purpose of this essay is to provide the reader with an understanding of one of the largest towns in Perthshire, Blairgowrie. It will aim to provide a generalisation of the area as well as reasons why people decide to live there. Key factors such as age, diet and nutrition and employment of Blairgowrie residents will be discussed as well acknowledging comparisons.
Blairgowrie is a picturesque town located in central east Scotland. It is approximately 18 miles from Perth and 19 miles from Dundee. The town welcomes tourist and visitors to the area and has thousands of visitors each year. Blairgowrie houses various souvenir and antique shops. It has many cafes and takeaway shops. There is one information centre where local residents and travellers can get detailed information about Blairgowrie (Visit Scotland, 2014). The River Ericht that separates Blairgowrie from Rattray is famous for its waterway to the River Tay. The river attracts many fisherman who have an eye for salmon fishing (although there is other fish that can be caught in the waters). Along the river banks there are long stretches of woodland and walkway paths to encourage residents and tourists to take in the breath taking views of the village. Blairgowrie Perthshire Scotland)
Although the origin of the name Blairgowrie is uncertain it has been suggested that it may mean "Plain of the Goats" or "The Battlefield”. Blairgowrie was well known for its textile mills in 19th century, which were built along…
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