An Understanding Of One Of The Largest Towns

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` The purpose of this essay is to provide the reader with an understanding of one of the largest towns in Perthshire, Blairgowrie. One of the aims of this paper is to provide a generalisation of the area as well as reasons why people decide to reside there. Other key factors such as age, diet and nutrition, and employment of Blairgowrie residents will be discussed as well as acknowledging comparisons. Blairgowrie is a picturesque town located in central east Scotland. It is approximately 18 miles from Perth and 19 miles from Dundee. The town welcomes thousands of tourists and visitors to the area each year. Blairgowrie houses various souvenir and antique shops. It also has many cafes, pubs, restaurants, gift shops and charity shops…show more content…
While the mills no longer exist the soft fruit farming, predominantly strawberries and raspberries, continue to grow and contribute largely to the economic community. Blairgowrie and Rattray is now a joint town since being joined in 1928 by an Act of Parliament (Scottish Towns1999). The population, according to Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (2011), state that 5407 people resided in West of Blairgowrie (originally Blairgowrie). From this 696 were children, 2880 were working age and 1831 pensionable age. The population according to Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (2011), state that the population in the East (originally Rattray) was 2966 people. From this 527 were children, 1738 were working age and 701 pensionable age. Neighbourhood statistics (2011) state that 110630 was the population of Scotland which 27596 were pensionable age and over. In comparison, Blairgowrie being 34% and Dundee being 24%, this may suggest that older people perhaps enjoy living in rural areas, village environments and encounter less pollution. A large majority of property in this area is privately owned with only a small amount of property being rented. Education establishments in Blairgowrie consist of one high school, Blairgowrie High School and three primary schools, Newhill Primary School, Rattray Primary and St Stephens Primary School. St Stephens is a Roman Catholic school
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