An Understanding of Public Administration

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An Understanding of Public Administration Master of Public Administration Program Modern Public Administration: Managing Public & Nonprofit Organizations PAD 500 Abstract The purpose of this paper, An Understanding of Public Administration, is to provide the reader with an overview of the field and its application towards public programs, agencies, groups and other associations. It also provides a clear definition, introduces some principles associated with public administration along and how it is used in American society. Public administration allows public policies and actions, decision-making ability and day to day operations of an agency to be executed effectively in our…show more content…
Because of this activity, Wilson concluded that” it was becoming harder to fun a constitution than to frame one” (Denhardt page 2). He felt that there was a need to change the day to day operation of the US government from a corruptive agency spiraling into a web of bureaucratic mess to a more productive governing system supported by the an administrative base that will be able to enforce public interest and policy. This scholar and later President wrote that “there should be a science of administration which shall seek to straighten the paths of government, to make its business less ‘unbusinesslike’; to strengthen and purify its organization, and to crown its duties with dutifulness” (Stillman page 8). Apparently, Woodrow Wilson favored the private sector’s interest in “businesslike” operations and its efficiency as a way to run the government and its agency. From his 1887 essay, he “favored the idea of concentrating power in a single authority atop a highly integrated centralized administrative structure (Denhardt page 2). Principles behind Public Administration Woodrow Wilson along with scholar Leonard D. White and others believed that this field would evolve and be interwoven within the fabric of American government, public agencies/programs, associations, and nonprofit organizations.
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