An Understanding of Semiotics

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“An Understanding of Semiotics”
Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols in which humans use to communicate their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and ideas. We use semiotics in order to socialize and communicate with others. It is the way in which humans create a meaning and understand a meaning when communicating with other people. Whether it be communicating in: signs, symbols, or in sounds.
Semiotics is a concept that shows humans how to find a meaning in objects and messages in which they are exposed to. There are two founders of semiotics, a linguist named Ferdinand de Saussure and a philosopher named Charles Sanders Peirce. According to the article “Semiotics: Language and Culture” by Martin Ryder what Sausser tried to explain was how the elements of language are a part of a larger system of language (Ryder, 2004). His explanation led to what is now known as “semiology.” Semiology are signs in which are divided into two parts, signifiers and signifieds. Signifiers are signs that are made of sound-images and signifieds are the idea or the meaning of the signifiers (Berger, 2013). Signifieds also may have a meaning in which the meaning is capable of changing. An example would be, when tattoos were first exposed to the world many people believed that tattoos signified that the person with a tattoo was “bad” but today many people such as teachers, college students, and elderly people have them as well. This shows that tattoos signified something else before and later
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