An Undervalued Component Within The Education System

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Jasmine Baldwin
Professor G. Gazelka
English 101 210
November 18, 2014
Academic Position Paper
Creativity: An undervalued Component within the Education System
In the topic of creativity, there is a controversial issue over its place within society. Some authors aggressively argue the importance of establishing creativity as a core skill to be developed within learning institutions. Some writers like Cecelia Conrad who is the vice president of the MacArthur Fellows program, and Richard Florida who is a credited author, director, global research professor at New York University and editor of The Atlantic even insist that creativity is being stunted by the education system. Other authors such as John Calhoun, a Yale Law student who concentrates on education policy, oppose the way institutions are incorporating creativity when it comes to preparing students to become future innovators. I agree that there is an importance of establishing and developing creativity as a core skill. I also highly support Calhoun’s views on the faulty ways creativity is being established in learning institutions, but I do not insist on the idea that the place of creativity is not in the learning institution.
The base of creativity is indeed within the education system, however it needs to be restored. The way institutions have gone about incorporating it into the system and learning environment is faulty and ends up undervaluing creativity as a whole. Some main factoring issues with creativity in…
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