An Uneaten Sandwich, Oddly Enough, Could Be Credited To

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An uneaten sandwich, oddly enough, could be credited to my emboldened commitment and my newfound love for medicine. Before delivering the sandwich, I had always pursued medicine due to my profound enjoyment in the sciences, but especially advanced biological and psychological systems in the human body. Furthermore, medicine was attractive because I enjoyed teaching, directing and explaining biological concepts to my students as a Biology Department Assistant. This is parallel with doctors elucidating symptoms to their patients and further guiding possible treatment. Prior to the sandwich however, the personal side of medicine had always been one of greatest hesitation and intimidation. But, this sandwich, allowed me to grow fond to the…show more content…
It became evident that Ryan requested for food not because he’s hungry nor disturbing as many nurses described him. Ryan wanted someone to listen and most importantly, he wanted care. The conversation had turned into aspects Ryan’s life: once consisting of his wife, his children, a pool in the backyard, loving parents. And now hours removed from an attempted suicide via drug overdose. While free from my normal duties of assisting nurses in moving patients, taking vital signs, emptying catheters, and asking hospital staff questions, I spent the remainder of my shift in Ryan room. Sure I enjoyed all the other aspects of shift as a health scholar. But something about establishing deep personal relationships was rewarding to such a high degree. The ability to provide benevolent care to Ryan filled me with sense and purpose. It was learned that with understanding and compassion, even the worst situations could be aided. The human element of medicine had begun to transition from the aspect of medicine that filled me with the greatest fears into the aspect of medicine that I love. In meeting Ryan, I found the true gratification in medicine. Patient contact that went beyond typical treatment and tapped into the humanity side of medicine has become something that always delivers pleasure. In addition, admiration began to build toward physicians and nurses who employed personal quality care. None more evident than observing how emergency room

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