An Unequal Distribution Of Wealth And Power Across The Nation

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Living in America, I have always been aware of fact that there is an unequal distribution of wealth and power across the nation. However, I was unaware that there is such a significant gap between the rich and the poor. It was made clear in the video “Wealth Inequality in America”, that the top 1% has more power and wealth than the middle and poor classes. The rich can get away with not paying their taxes and sitting on their pile of free money. In the meantime, the poorest people are down to the loose change in their pockets and are still paying their taxes. Corporations today have more privileges in America, including a voice in the democracy. People like us are being excluded from important decision making regarding our economic lives. Our understanding of what’s going on with the wealth distribution and the actuality of what’s going on is two completely different things. So you may ask, what’s the reason behind this inequality? The answer is corporations and big businesses. Corporations such as Bank of America, Nike, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are rising to power. Corporations have also completely diminished the original intent of our Founding Fathers. According to Collin and Yeskel’s “Economic Apartheid in America”, it’s sad to say that many Americans are unaware of these things and it’s starting to affect us as a country day by day. But while the truth of the economy may be difficult to understand, Collins, Yeskel, and Perkins clarified and changed my views on the…
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