An Unethical Dilemma Of A Dentist

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After looking at various articles on the Dentaltown website, I came across an interesting article that showed an unethical dilemma. In this article, a dentist (lower-priced dentist) is talking about an 83-year-old patient that came into his office for a second opinion. The lower priced dentist mentions that the woman needed some basic dental work done to her teeth to keep them healthy. While (deleted comma) the woman was at her general dentist, the dentist was attempting to force the woman to get a more expensive cosmetic work done. Her general dentist provided her with an expensive treatment plan for approximately $14,700. Upon hearing the cost, the patient went for a second opinion from another dentist in town. After looking at her x-rays, she was given another inexpensive treatment option using composite now and later putting in crowns if needed. The patient got her work done with the inexpensive treatment and goes back to her regular dentist for a routine check-up. She told her regular dentist about the bonding work done instead of the crowns. At hearing this, he replied that he could have done that for her as well. I believe this was unethical for a variety of reasons. First reason is that her general dentist attempted to force the woman to get cosmetic dental work done instead of just focusing on keeping her teeth healthy. Second reason, is after talking the patient into getting cosmetic work done he tried to over-charge her for the treatment. Third, the dentist

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