An Unexpected Romance

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“I’d like to ride over to a place called Calf Creek. Jake mentioned it’s close to the canyon we use for branding. Would you accompany me?” Jake wouldn’t approve of her exploring with Levi, but she didn’t care. His accusations still burned into her memory. After the commotion from the night before, she doubted if he’d miss her anyway. She intended to enjoy Levi’s easy-going friendship, and in the process, she’d have a look around starting with canyon near Calf Creek. Maybe they’d spot Sam and George. Let Jake think what he wanted, she couldn’t change his opinion of her anyway.
Levi adjusted his hat and grinned. “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.”
They saddled up and left the spread at midmorning. An hour into their journey, Kat reined Sampson in and stretched, thankful the riding clothes gave her the freedom to move as she wished. “There’s a brook not far from here; it’s past these elms. We could rest. Sometimes there’s bubbling oil.” “Oil. Huh?” “Yep. We’ve found a few seeps, most of them by accident,” Kat giggled. He shot her an admiring look. “Interesting.” “Of course, a collection process is necessary. I believe oil will become a grand venture.” “I can see you as an oil heiress,” Levi said. They dismounted and led the horses the rest of the way. Plentiful wild flowers grew along the banks of the brook and a light gust of air stirred the sweet pollen scents within the haven.
Kat tied Sampson’s reins and sat on the thick grass; she…

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