An Unforgettable Incident

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An Unforgettable Incident on my way home from school :)

It was a scorchingly hot day. I was my way home from school and I was perspirating heavily, beads of sweat rolling of my forehead. The usual 15 minutes walk it took for me to reach home now seemed like an eternity. The sun's unforgiving rays of light was making me in dire need of water.

The trees provided little or no shade as they were few and far between. This was not unusual for a sprawling city like Kuala Lumpur, but they now proved more a nuisance than ever. Every step was like torture. I couldn't wait to get home.

5 minutes from home, I spotted something different along the row of shoplots I walked past regularly. At the corner of the shoplots I saw an old lady manning a nasi
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He went over all the buttons, levers and pedals with me carefully. Of course I did not tell him that I had already learnt to drive my friend Tom’s old manual car for a few months now. However, I was unable to get my license, as I had not reached the age limit yet. But next month, I shall celebrate my 18th birthday and I needed to convince dad that I was ready to drive.
As I pushed the auto gear into drive position, dad cautioned me to step on the gas pedal gently. I thought to myself, that was peanuts! I was very confident that he was going to be impressed with my driving skills. But I was unused to an auto car and stepped on the gas too hard.
What happened next just happened too fast. The car lurched out of the garage, straight into mom’s flowerpots. Unfortunately, my feet got confused between three-pedaled manual car and two-pedaled auto car. Instead of stepping on the brake, I just kept stepping on the gas. As the car flew out of the driveway, I heard dad shouting like a madman beside me. Suddenly he pulled the handbrakes and the car did a 360-degree stunt turn and stopped just inches from my neighbour’s gate. Luckily we were not hurt. I nervously peeped at my dad sideways. He sat very still, his face livid. I knew I blew it!

5. The major problems faced by students.

The major problems faced by students are teenage problems. They include peer pressure, exam stress and many growing up problems.
Peer pressure is one thing that all
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