An Unforgettable Moment Of Insight

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An unforgettable moment of insight
I have always been attracted by the study of religion and interested in the different disciplines that study religion such as: psychology, historiography, anthropology, etc; there are many aspects related to religion that can be analyzed. I believe in the existence of something superior; I do not belong to any specific religion, but I sympathize with some specific ideas of different religions. I used to get the ideas that I believe that are more logical and put it in practice. Taking advantage of the research paper ordered in class, I decided to visit a Theravada Buddhist temple. This temple is located in 15200 SW 240th St, Homestead, FL, Miami, and it is called “Wat Buddharangsi of Miami.”
Before visiting this site, I did some researches about the building of this temple. The design of the temple was conceived by Noppom Poochareon, an architect from Miami. He built this structure thinking in a refuge for the local Buddhist community. His vision for the sanctuary was a peaceful place, full of light, and quietness. He had no predetermined notion of what type or size of the Buddha might reside there. The project results in many difficulties and countless personal expenses for him just to obtain the proper permits. Money is always a problem in such a project. It was not easy to find financing. The National Bank of Homestead, Florida, was the first in giving a hand and allowing the start of the project ("History").
With the purpose of having a…
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