An Unpleasant Experience At An Airport

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An unpleasant experience at an airport Recently, UNICEF released a video to promote their campaign for needy children, however it presents a stereotype against physical appearances rather than the campaign. In the video, a 6-year-old girl who dressed pretty and neatly stood alone on a street and many people asked her whether she was all right. Later, when the same girl had changed her appearance in dirty clothes and stood alone again in the same street, then nobody asked her whether she was okay. The attitudes that people showed depended on the child’s physical appearance. I have a similar experience. The experience that I realized how people are offended by others who judge people based on the physical appearances was when I waited the delayed airplane to go to Korea, a manager ignored me since I didn’t dress up neatly, however he changed his attitude politely as soon as he noticed I was a VIP in his company. A few years ago, my mom called me in the night and said urgently, “Your grandmother is in a critical condition. I think you will be better to see her before she passes away.” I was completely overwhelmed by the unexpected news. My grandmother raised me when I was young because my parents were busy with work, so she was very special to me. As soon as I heard that news, I bought the earliest flight ticket for Korea immediately and rushed to the airport with a baggy hoodie and old sweatpants on. Because the thought that I need to go to the airport as soon as
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