Essay on An Unspoiled Place in Annie Dillard's In the Jungle

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We are living in a colorful world. There are many different people live with different cultures. But, what makes so many differences in our world? According to the story of In the Jungle and my personal experiences, our lives are affected by living condition, natural resources and social environment around us.
In the story of In the Jungle, Author Annie Dillard goes to the Napo River, which is the heart of the Ecuadorian Jungle and it is also the most unspoiled place. She describes the natural living style of the people who live there. As she tells us is the story that “The cold woke them; they warmed their skins in the river, which was always ninety degrees; then they returned to their hammocks and slept through the rest of the night.” The people who live in there are very primordially and naturally. They are live with a different lifestyle with the people who live in the cities. They will go to the river to keep their body warm when they are feeling cold at night. However, what would the people who live in cities do when they are feeling cold at night? Maybe they will turn on the heater or just cover themselves by quilts. Not only the way of heating, living condition also made different modes of life. The people who live in the cities live in apartments and work at offices and factories. But the people who live in countryside mostly work at farms and live leisurely. That causes the different cultures between the cities and countryside.
Natural resource is also the…