An Urban Body Of Water

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An urban body of water is one that is located near an urban area, usually with high population and industry. These water bodies are often times very polluted and mismanaged because a society benefits by using it as their dumping grounds or local governments do not have the finances to improve it. Many times there is a lack of awareness among a society that these acts of mass pollution are even taking place. In this paper I will compare The Duwamish River in Seattle to Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua. It does not matter where an urban body of water is located in the world; if a city, industry or urban population are able to pollute a large water body with little to no penalty they will do it until they are punished or need to reap its benefits. The Lower Duwamish Waterway, or The Duwamish River, in Seattle, Washington was once a curved river but was straightened in the 1800’s for ships. Today, The Duwamish River is used for transporting goods by ship, it is home to a wide variety of marine life, and it is responsible for the employment of hundreds of people. The river is a significant part of Seattle’s history and success however pollution from multiple different sources has caused it to be in danger. Its sediments contain a large amount of contaminants due to the nearby industries and the runoff from suburban areas. Unfortunately, over time, it has become one of the most polluted rivers in the nation (Washington Dept. of Ecology p. 2). I chose this urban water…
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