An Urban Body Of Water

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An urban body of water is one that is located near an urban area, usually with high population and industry. These water bodies are often times very polluted and mismanaged because a society benefits by using it as their dumping grounds or local governments do not have the finances to improve it. Many times there is a lack of awareness among a society that these acts of mass pollution are even taking place. In this paper I will compare The Duwamish River in Seattle to Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua. It does not matter where an urban body of water is located in the world; if a city, industry or urban population are able to pollute a large water body with little to no penalty they will do it until they are punished or need to reap its…show more content…
I found it interesting because its contribution to its local community is so large that I found it upsetting that it was among the most polluted in the country. In my opinion, anything that important to a local society deserves to be kept in good shape for others to use and for animals in the environment to benefit from. Another reason I chose this river was because it’s polluted to such a high degree that I was curious to see what measure have or could be put in place to make it more sustainable and cleaner for all to use. Lake Nicaragua is an urban lake found in the developing country of Nicaragua. It is the largest freshwater lake in Central America and is special because it is home to rare freshwater sharks. Its one of the worlds 40 largest lakes and its roots are tectonic. Over thirty different rivers flow into Lake Nicaragua and it is tideless with daily changes in sea level. There are over 30 islands located in the lake, which are home to many fruits, animals and inhabitants. The lake is home to many fisheries that export their fish to places around the world. Unfortunately, the surrounding areas of the lake are experiencing a growth in population and trade so the lake is being affected by water pollution (LakeNet p. 1). I chose to research this lake because I found it disturbing how such a large and popular lake could be so neglected. The lake surrounds so much
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