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An analysis of the form of ideology of Evil Dead 2 Evil Dead 2 is a film directed by Sam Raimi who has set out to make a film of the comicall horror genre. The story is obviously the sequel to Evil Dead and follows the exploits of the same character ?Ash? as he takes a trip with his new girlfriend ?Linda?. Raimi has a history for making these types of films with obvious style similarities being seen between ?Evil Dead? and its sequel. ?Evil Dead? was the first feature length film Raimi made after quitting university to proceed with its making. Like ?Evil Dead 2? he worked with a low budget. $3 75.000 was collected from private investors and this was the films budget. Following the success of ?Evil Dead? he produced ?Evil Dead 2? this…show more content…
An instant example of his foolishness is seen when he travels back to the same cabin that tormented him so much in the first film ?Evil Dead?. So you instantly start to question his sanity. The fact that Ash is a man playing the horror film role of the ?last girl? also helps to make the film more amusing, as you generally find that the male characters in these films will be acting strong throughout. Ash however is seen to start to break down through the insanity of his surroundings at the start. He stares into a mirror and his reflection comes out and strangles him. This real shows the torture he is putting himself through, as when he looks again after blinking he realises he is strangling himself. This torture which seems to be self inflicted really shows the attitude of the whole film. Raimi made ?Evil Dead 2? more amusing by blatantly doing everything that the viewer knows you shouldn?t do in a horror film. It isn?t until about half way through the film that he starts to act stronger, this also fits in with the roles of a ?last girl?, like Nancy in ?Nightmare on elm street?. Being a man though it is easier to laugh at the torment of Ash and his pain is more light hearted than if a female had of played the role. Ash and Linda travel to an abandoned cabin in the middle of a remote forest to enjoy a break together. Then almost straight after their arrival Ash discovers a tape player, which
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