An analysis of the main reasons for the continued spread of HIV

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An analysis of the main reasons for the continued spread of HIV
HIV, a virus only discovered in the late 1970s, has now become the most lethal virus around the world (UNAIDS, 2008). Scientifically HIV is a kind of virus which can destroy human’s immune system. Then, without defense of the body, other virus can easily infect body and ultimately results in death (WHO, 2013). Till the end of 2012, 35.3 millions of people live with HIV (WHO, 2013) and large quantities of family members suffer from the pain. Yet such a lethal disease only has three simple transmissions, through unprotected sex, blood, and maternal-neonatal pregnancy. However, the high mortality rate suggests that there is an urgent need to investigate deeper causes of HIV
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For instance, in Botswana (Africa), men have dominant position in sex and condoms are seven times less likely to be used (UNAIDS, 2008). Research also found that men trend to be aggressive and sexual dominant, putting women in such a vulnerable situation in sexual relationships, even in rape and violate. (ICRW, 2007; WHO, 2007; UNAIDS, 2008). 40%-60%of women in Bangladesh and Thailand claimed to have sex abuse by spouses (Garcia-Moreno et al., 2005; UNAIDS, 2008). Moreover nearly 31% of countries do not have gender equity law to protect women rights (UNAIDS 2008).Those severe inequity may be a result of preference of boys’ ideology. In poor districts family income is only paid on boys’ education whereas girls are supposed to support family (UNDP, 2007).Without basic knowledge, HIV protection is difficult to be obtained by girls, not mention the proper right defense. All these inequities between men and women lead to vulnerability of women in HIV positive situation.
It is also noticeable that addiction to drugs is a global burden and causes large number of HIV-positive individual, especially among adolescent’s transmission. Statistics shows that new trend for drug market has been focused on teenagers rather than adults (Nossal Institute, 2010). According to Mazibuko (2000), drug abuse at the age of 10-24 accounted for 60 percent of HIV new infectors. Reasons for using drugs vary differently. Chase for excitement, avoidance from pressure, and
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