An essay on different genres including the Ghost genre and the Fantasy

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An essay on different genres including the Ghost genre and the Fantasy
& Adventure genre

I have chosen two completely different genres to base my essay on.
Firstly, I have the mysterious and gripping Ghost Genre; the books I have studied are “The Woman in Black”, “The Langoliers” and the spooky film, “The Others”. The second genre is Fantasy & Adventure. The book
I am studying is “Lirael”, a recent book written by Australian author
Garth Nix. “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring”, directed by Peter Jackson is the film that I am analysing.

There are many, definite trends to ghost stories, no matter what the novel is about. They are all usually set in remote areas and are about haunting. Death is usually common
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In the ghost story film “The Others”, an unnerving atmosphere is set straight away. It begins with cheerful, but strange music, and then a woman is shown screaming, making you wonder what has just occurred.
This is the perfect beginning for a novel under the ghost story genre.
Further on into the film, we learn that the children who live in the house are ultra-sensitive to any bright light. This adds to the strangeness of the story, possibly scaring the viewer and making them believe that the characters are quite strange.

The majority of all ghost stories are set in the winter months because the weather is bad and when it is like this, bad things usually happen. The main character usually gets themselves into a spot of bother due to either the torrential rain, snow or a storm. It is highly unlikely for a ghost story to be set in sunny or cheerful surroundings. It is the dark, dismal and eerie atmosphere that adds to the scariness.

In both “The Others” and Susan Hill’s “The Woman in Black,” death is a key factor in the story line. Dying is always used because if somebody had not died, there would be no ghost to haunt the major character in the novel. In “The Woman in Black”, narrator and main character Arthur
Kipps is constantly haunted by the sound of a pony and trap being pulled under a marsh by quicksand. He also hears the

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