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An inspector calls. I am going to write about how J. B. Priestley builds up tension and suspense within 'An Inspector calls'. The play was written in 1945 due to the divide at that time between Capitalists and Socialists. Given the fact that J. B. Priestley was a socialist (felt that everyone should have equal amounts of money), he was criticizing the ways of capitalists (they felt that you got what you earned). The play is set in 1912, a time just before a lot of dramatic incidents happened, e. g. World War 1, The Titanic sinking. All of the play takes place in the Birling's dining room, they are celebrating. Each of the characters in this play (except inspector Goole and Edna), are partly responsible for the…show more content…
Sheila is stated to be 'a pretty girl in her early twenties'. We would certainly not call someone in their twenties a 'girl', the word is used because Sheila has not grown up mentally. Gerald is 'an attractive chap', meaning that he's just a little big-headed, but generally well-mannered. Eric is said to be 'not quite at ease'. I do not think that Eric really fits in to the Birling family, he is quite different. The tension between Arthur Birling and the audience begins when Birling speaks of labour trouble and stating that 'we've passed the worst of it' when the first World War was just about to start or had already started. What we must remember is that people who are watching this play are still very angry and upset about the second World War. So, Mr Birling strikes them as a total idiot and the audience dislike him. A certain amount of tension amounts between various family members also. The occasions on which these things happen are: · Sheila and Gerald - Gerald told Sheila that he had been working the previous summer when he hardly went near her. She had suspicions that Gerald was being untrue to her. She was assured, however, that it was all in her head. She finds out that Gerald was being untrue when he was being interrogated. · Sheila and Eric - Sheila has always said that Eric drinks too much but he has refused to believe it. In a strange twist, Sheila and Eric stand
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