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I will discuss how the Gold Rush, more than any other single event, impacted the social, economic, and political nature of the West Coast and the United States. I will break down the social, economic, and political ramifications of the Gold Rush on (a) the region, and (b) the United States as a whole. I. Economic A. Region 1. Too much money in California a. Gold was plentiful b. Gold was free for taking 2. Too little of everything else(Supply and Demand) a. Necessities more money (i.e. food) b. Shovels sold for more with greater demand. 3. Real estate grew greatly a. San Francisco 1. A plot of real estate cost $16 in 1847 sold for $45,000 18 months later. 2. City averaged 30 new houses and two more murders every day after…show more content…
2. You were anonymous; could be or do anything you wanted. 4. African Americans a. Fared surprisingly well. b. 49ers did not take kindly to the idea of slaves digging for their owners. 1. Miners said they had to work for their gold, and they didn't want someone to get rich off of it with a slave who was doing it for someone else. 2. Did not oppose slavery; dealt with self esteem- felt they were as low as slaves. 5. Pure freedom and free market. 6. Native Americans a. Corporations hired for their work. b. Knew nothing of the true value of gold. c. Many died from miners; genocide 1. Thousands if not ten thousand of California Indians were slaughtered between 1849-1853. 2. Killed for land. 3. Killed for mining claims. 4. Miners ruined their land and polluted everything in site. 5. Shot for "protection". 7. Californios a. Spanish speaking from Mexico or Spain. b. Lived on California soil since 1769. c. Life changed after Mexican War 1. Land now belonged to the U.S. 2. Now U.S. citizens and "guaranteed" rights to their land. d. Same year war ended, gold struck. e. By 1850, 250,000 miners arrived; now minority. f. 49ers stole their land, chasing them out of their homes. g. Land Law of 1851 1. Made matters worse. 2. If new settler claimed the rights to Californios land, the two had to fight it out in court. 3. Few won back their property. 4. Some cases went as high as Supreme Court. 5. In the end cost too much money for them. h.

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