Ana And I Settled Into The Hotel Room

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Ana and I settled into our hotel room. We were on the top fucking floor! It was amazing!!! There were 2 bedrooms Ana a living room area with a fireplace. The concert was in 2 hours, one of which would be spent in line to get inside. I decided to take a shower and clean up before the concert. I didn 't want to smell like pizza when I meet FOB. I wonder what they are like, they seem like cool people. I hopped out of the shower and put on some clothes, jeans with one leg black and the other red and an MCR shirt. Ana hopped in the shower after me. I sat and played on my phone waiting for Ana. She took no time getting dress, it was her favorite outfit, black jeans, boots and a bright red plaid shirt over a black tank top. I grabbed my jacket…show more content…
We showed a guy our passes and we were let inside. There in the middle of the room were 3 men with guitars and shirtless drummer. They were laughing and talking until they saw me and Jax. Awkward silence... "Hey guys! What 's up!" Patrick asked panting. "These are the girls that won the contest." He said to the others. "All the way From New Hampshire eh? How you liking Chicago?" "Pizza. I love the pizza." Muttered Jax. "Yeah, the pizza is really good..." said Pete "You probably already know, I 'm Patrick, that 's Pete, Joe and our underdressed friend is Andy" "I 'm Jackie and this is my silent friend!" she said, shaking me. She was always so comfortable in social situations. I turned to her. "I 'm not always silent!" I turned back to the group" I 'm Ana, hey" I waved at them. "Hey" said Patrick. "So you guys doing anything later? Wanna hang out maybe?" "Sure, why not!" Jackie said. "Yeah!" Joe and Andy High-fived each other and the night went on. We got in the back of a Limo and drove to our hotel. "So you guys like movies?" Pete said, rubbing hands together. "Is there popcorn?" I said "Hell yeah!" Pete shouted. "So you guys are staying here too..." Jax announced looking at the hotel. "Yeah, we always stay here. Say, are you in room 1512?" Andy asked "Yup" I said. "Looks like we 're going to your room, they gave you guys the room with the cool T.V" --- Patrick forced us to Watch Ghost Busters. On their own, they don 't seem like rock

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