Anabolic Steroid Is A Synthetic Hormone That Resembles

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Anabolic steroid is a synthetic hormone that resembles testosterone in promoting the growth of muscle. Such hormones are used medicinally to treat some forms of weight loss and illegally by some athletes and others to enhance physical performance, Anabolic refers to muscle-building, and steroids refers to a large group of chemical substances classified by a specific carbon structure. Since their creation in the early 1930’s, steroids have been praised for their effectiveness by users, debated over their safety by medical professionals, outlawed by sport governing bodies, made illegal by governments and demonized by the press and public opinion. But despite steroids well-publicized, controversial history, few people really know a lot about…show more content…
Many people can be affected by a term called roid rage which means the person who used steroids will get more aggressive and will start doing unexpected things, for example, brain function, losing control or her or himself, and also violent reactions. Caused by steroids, violent reactions might make the person to possibly murder, rape, and steal and the results will be getting in jail for a long term. Jeanie Lerche Davis, an expert writer and a professor in Emory University Health Science, in her article, “Steroids May Alter Aggression Area of Brain.”, asserts, “This pattern of abuse is of particular interest because steroid use during adolescence is linked with more frequent and heavier use later in life despite the physical and psychological problems that anabolic steroids cause, including aggressive behavior”. That action will result in many problems in our society if people use anabolic steroids. Many experts agree that Anabolic steroids can cause addiction to more unhealthy and illegal actions. National Institute on Drug Abuse claims, “An undetermined percentage of steroid abusers may become addicted to the drugs, as evidenced by their continued abuse despite physical problems and negative effects on social relations, Also, steroid
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