Anabolic Steroids : A Fatal Attraction

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Anabolic Steroids in Sports The market for top performing athletes in sports in the 21st century is a competitive one. Athletes are pushed to, be stronger, an heal from injuries faster. With the pressure to do well and get picked up by a professional team of sorts goes without saying that hard work is a must to elevate ones professional athletic career, but what if one has reached a plateau or hit a wall in a training regimen and just can not seem to push through? When some athletes hit the proverbial wall when training they turn to steroids. Ruth Wood in an article titled Anabolic Steroids: A Fatal Attraction? Writes, “Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are drugs of abuse. Despite bans on steroid use, Olympic athletes, professional cyclists, American baseball players, and even racehorses have tested positive for AAS. However, AAS are no longer the exclusive province of elite athletes. Among school seniors in the United States (18 years of age), the lifetime incidence for steroid use (4.0%) is comparable to that for crack cocaine (3.6%) or heroin (1.8%). Today, it is estimated that over 3million people may have used AAS” (Wood 227). Athletes have used Anabolic Steroids for years in bodybuilding as well as recently in baseball. Anabolic steroids affect the body by making it easier to build muscle mass, but by doing so also affect items like ones heart and reproductive system. “Abuse of anabolic steroids to induce skeletal muscle hypertrophy is widespread amongst

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