Anabolic Testosterone Research Paper

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There’s 800 pounds bending that bar. Count the plates. And Ronnie’s bangin’ it out for REPS! To lift that kind of weight and to look that massive doing it you need to jack up your testosterone-anabolic output from normal to super normal. NORMAL TESTOSTERONE OUTPUT JUST WON’T CUT IT! Want a normal “build?” Then stick to normal testosterone-anabolic output. Want a freaky physique? Then you need the power of BSN’s newest testosterone-anabolic amplifying technology, Axis-HT. Only Axis-HT can give you the super-normal surges of testosterone and related anabolic-androgenic potentiators that you need to recover and grow at a super-normal pace. Hormones may have disappeared from the supplement world, but the body-altering results they…show more content…
Your strength and vascularity are ridiculous. You notice that your muscles look more defined, dense, and “dry”, something which is normally so hard to achieve. Not to mention at this point your libido kicks into high gear…this is one of the best effects. You feel like you’re 18 again, and it has only just begun! Every week thereafter your muscle cells will become more swollen with glycogen, protein, and power. It will be like nothing you have ever experienced
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