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Title: Anaerobic Metabolism and Exercise Introduction: In this experiment, the purpose of this experiment was to study anaerobic metabolism and blood lactate levels after different periods of rest. Anaerobic metabolism is used when aerobic metabolism can no longer fuel energy needs. Anaerobic metabolism is used in certain conditions such as when in low oxygen conditions and exercising exceeding the capacity for oxygen delivery to tissues and aerobic energy production. In these conditions during glycolysis, glucose is broken down to pyruvate, resulting in the production of ATP, while at the same time reducing NAD+ to NADH. When oxygen is readily available, pyruvate enters the Kreb’s cycle where it is completely oxidized to carbon…show more content…
The rest of the lab procedures were followed as described in the protocol. Results: Results show that exercise does induce a production of lactate in the Fundulus grandis. Results give that the rest mean is 0 .6169 with a standard deviation of 0.1879, exercise mean of 1.712 with a standard deviation of 0.5954, 60 minute rest mean of 1.019 with a standard deviation of 0 .3642 and a 180 minute rest mean of 0.7393 with a standard deviation of 0.1572. The blood lactate concentrations increased from rest to exercise showing that there is a significant difference. It is also shown through the rest versus exercise p value=1.46 E-7. The 60 minute rest mean is also higher than the rest mean, which says that even an hour after exercise, the lactate levels are still elevated above rest levels. However, once a certain amount of time of rest is given, the lactate levels begin to decrease. When comparing exercise versus 60 minute rest, there is a significant difference because the lactate levels after an hour of rest are noticeably different as given the p-value of 0.000499. After being given 3 hours of rest after exercise, the lactate has almost disappeared and is very close to the rest lactate levels. The p-value for rest versus 180 minute rest is 0.058192, which is not a significant difference. This can be visually better seen though a graph as the one shown below. The exercise and 60 min rest are noticeably higher than
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