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Name: Jamila MaTric No: 1134680 Sujiah Salleh – Script writting class QUESTION: In Anak Jantan, the writer wants the audience to sympathize with the protagonist, Darin. Do you agree? Support your arguments with close references to Darin’s characterization and some of his actions in the movie. In Anak Jantan movie, Darin is built not only as a main character but also as a hero. From the beginning of movie, Darin is known as a body guard in a luxury hotel and he is seem like a responsibility man to his job. And he is also a brave man when he fight with bomb maker and throw the bomb away to save people in the hotel. However, audiences cannot know which his real essence is until agent Ali arrests him and mention what he had done in the past. In fact, agent Ali wants Darin to arrest Somchai – the one who in same terrorist religious organization with him and who is known as his biggest enemy. When they were kids, they were kidnapped by the leader of terrorist religious organization. This man forced them to stay in his organization base with other kids and to train them become…show more content…
This is because; he is a criminal in an illegal organization. He also did the wrong thing such as: kidnapped a child and want to kill the police. In other hand, he is just a selfish guy when he only thinks about himself and does not care about Nara’s feeling when Nara asked him to leave together. But, everything is changed. Firstly, when he wanted to kill the police and the police’s son made him change his mind. However, the police was still died in Somchai’s hand. This make Darin feels very regret and sadness. He knows that he has did wrong thing and cannot turn it back. Secondly, when Nara was raped, Darin was very angry and he wanted to kill Somchai to revenge for the leader and Nara’s parents. But because of Nara, he chose to leave this village with her. They decided to create a new life without violence and live as normal

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