Essay about Analaysis of Healthy Food: You are What you Eat

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When was the last time you walked into McDonald’s and chose to order a Garden Salad instead of a Big Mac? If it has been a long time, do not worry; most people cannot even remember what their last healthy meal was. In fact, if you had a Big Mac someday just one month ago, that would make you only the 27 billionth person to bite into a juicy robust beef patty back at the moment. Ironically, this vast number of junk eaters is not aware of the health-wrecking decision they take when they stop by McDonald’s for lunch one day after another; or is that not the case? Are people really unaware of how a single mouthful of fast food contains a handful of chemicals that can literally deteriorate their health? Although the majority of people blame…show more content…
It is called personal responsibility, and right now, people are tailoring it into whatever fits them best. Take for instance, the people of America. Schlosser states in his best-selling book, “Americans now spend more money on fast food than on higher education, personal computers, computer software, or new cars. They spend more on fast food than on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and recorded music – combined” (n.d., para. 5). This reflects how commonplace fast food has become in the society that is has almost possessed an air of inevitability. It is true; the spread of fast food restaurants is accelerating, but it is not their spread over the globe but their spread among individuals that is alerting. After all, they only exist because people want them to. The fact is that fast food restaurants are constantly outweighing their costs with benefits, and it is saddening that fast food consumers are not doing the same for their own health.
In addition to the lack of personal responsibility, even the least sensible amount of determination among people is missing. Today, the majority of people believe all they owe their bodies is a full stomach even if what they are having is a bite into obesity. One of the reasons it is illogical to put the entire blame on fast food restaurants is that, each and every one of these food-selling businesses have a healthy section in their menu. The fact that the average person flips the menu over to make a pick
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