Analsis of Jerry Maguire

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The ability to change and adapt is a skill that can make or break a careetalr, in the case of Jerry Maguire, it was both. The curious case of an individual who seemingly had everything that any individual would want; money, power, a strong woman, and respect who had lost it all after a midnight revelation. The film chronicles his development as a leader in the sports agent industry despite constant societal pressures. Jerry Maguire is able to survive his fall from grace and assert himself as a dominant figure in the ultra-competitive realm of player marketing. The film begins with Jerry Maguire, a smooth talking, talented sports agent who represents seventy-two
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Cushman was deemed to be the prize of the firm, Maguire makes desperate attempts to sway Cushman’s father into signing a contract with him. Initially, Cushman stays loyal to Maguire even so much to state that while he does not believe in contracts his word is as “strong as oak.” However, the night before the draft, Bob Sugar meets with the Cushman family and signs a contract while Maguire was preforming a meet and greet with the last remaining prospective client. The last minute change has an effect on Maguire, it relates back to the thought that loyalty is nonexistent, but it enables Maguire to focus on the one client who has consistently been there for him during his time of trail and tribulations. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Rod Tidwell is Maguire’s last option as a client, he is eccentric, egotistical, proud, and slightly delusional, this requires Maguire’s full attention as the two develop a relationship based on needs. Maguire needs Tidwell to stay on as his client while Tidwell needs Maguire to negotiate with the Cardinals for a contract extension with the dollar value on par with marquee talent. Amidst the attempt to salvage his career, Maguire also faces personal issues, he realizes that the woman to whom he loves and loves him is everything he was pre-revelation and this sickens him causing him to break off the engagement when she fails to be supportive when he has fallen off his greatness. It is during this

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