Analyse Research Information

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Analyse and present research information
Part A: Prepare to conduct research
The first part of this assessment task requires you to develop a brief for the Manager that summarises member feedback, as well as identifies the research that you will conduct. Your assessor will provide you with the feedback register.
Fitness centre member feedback brief
According to the collected and analysed fitness centre members’ feedback, below are the summary of the analysed results:
Customer satisfaction level is rated 8 out 10.
• Fitness centre staff customer service level is rated 8 out 10.
• Members attitude towards pricing is rated 7 out 10.
• Customer loyalty level is rated 7 out 10.
• Customer attitude towards fitness centre programs is rated 8 out
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Could be anyone uses the service. So this one will the best area to run the business Briefly documents the information sources you will use.
The information sources you will use will be:
1. Online
2. Books
3. Magazine
4. personal record
5. computer data base Clearly states the research objectives and the intended methods of research based on the identified key area/s of research. Explain why the proposed methods of research are suitable for the research to be conducted.
The research objectives will be: identification of trends:
- To show about trends would be nowadays or in the future. eg. Research from internet found fitness industry trend nowadays is about to mix with the music and equipments together and say that customers prefer to have personal trainer for the correct way to lose weight. situational diagnosis:
- To know what is the situation right now of fitness industry means if the situation is in the positive situation so it good to invest money on the business also opposite if the situation is in the negative situation. eg. After research from computer data founds that the fitness industry situation nowadays is going well in the market world
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Survey question 1:
How do you hear about us?
- Online 60% Friend recommend 30% Other 10%
Survey question 2:
What is your gender?
Male 70% Female 30%
Survey question 4:
How long have you been a member of John's Gym?
3 Months 30% 6 Months 50% 1 year up 20%
How often do you come to John's Gym?
- Irregularly 5%
- 1-2 per week 85%
- 3-4 per week 10%
- 5+ per week 0%
Survey question 5:
Have you ever seen any of the following marketing campaigns from us?
- Newspaper 35%
- Radio 5%
- Internet 60% Survey question 6:
How many times have you interacted with a Fitness Instructor in the past month?
- 1-4 30%
- 5-9 45%
- 10+ 20%
- N/A 5%
Survey question 7:
What do you like most about John's Gym?
Area 50% Price 30% Gym Equipments 20%
Survey question 8:
What kind of equipment do you use often in John's Gym? weight lifting 30% the chest pass machine 50% Other 20%
Survey question 9:
What (If anything) you would like to change at John's Gym?
Provide more equipment 10% Membership Price 60% Parking Service 30%
Survey question 10:
Please rate your overall of John's Gym.
- Excellent 10%
- Good 45%
- Fair 40%
- Not good
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