Analyse The Importance Of Acquiring Literacy Skills

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‘Schools are made to be relevant to students because they need skills and tools to use in the real world,' my English teacher use to remind us back in high school. I have always been determined to achieve the highest level of literacy and skill while learning. Learning the purpose of literacy and the required skill is one of the most crucial elements of school and as soon as any student would understand that, then learning would be much more interesting, comfortable and passion filled. Many students all read the same way, to get a gist of the material and not to understand. Understanding that study materials can be different, it would be necessary to apply different skills to each reading material depending on the purpose of reading. The amount of literacy and the correct use of this skill can go a long way in helping students achieve their learning objectives both in school and after school. My literacy skills have helped me make some of the most significant steps in accomplishing my goals.
Having understood the importance of acquiring literacy skills, I set out to study hard. …show more content…

Literacy can only get as far as one can allow. There is a lot of potential in learning and acquiring new knowledge. We just have to want it enough. Most students remain as poor readers because of the vicious cycle- professors explain readings and students don’t read because they know that the professor will explain everything from the readings. This narrative is meant to show the importance of going the extra mile when it comes to writing and reading. That is how literacy levels are developed into skills that can be beneficial in school and after school. I chose to share of my accomplishment because it marks an important step in my learning and has inspired me always to go the extra mile when communicating and acquiring

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