Analyse The Importance Of Effective Induction

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An effective induction is important to both employee and employer to ensure a smooth settling in period which sets the foundations for a successful transition into a new job. Failure to provide an effective induction can be costly for an organisation with the possibility of the incoming staff member not staying in their position long, it is estimated this can cost an organisation in the region of £33,000 per employee with costs such as advertising, recruitment and training a factor. An effective induction should ensure the new employee feels like a valued employee, examples of how this can be achieved could be through inviting the new person in ahead of their start date to meet the team or going for a meal with new colleagues allowing for…show more content…
Key areas to be included therefore are -: A health and safety section in the induction including provision to inform the new person of where all fire exits & assembly point is and explaining alarm drills. The employee needs to be aware of who their fire marshal is as well as the first aid officer responsible for their immediate location, items such as recording an accident whilst on duty need to also be discussed. Data protection is important and can have legal implications if not explained appropriately, miss-use of personal data (whether it be internal or external) can be costly to the organisation and therefore a policy and procedure should be in place which is communicated to the new…show more content…
Lone working is also something which needs to be highlighted to new starters, the level of discussion on this subject should be determined by the person’s actual role (i.e. the more likely they are to be alone whilst working) although a lone working policy should always be highlighted to new starters. In terms of communication of the legal aspects of an induction this can be difficult given this side of the process can be onerous in terms of information. A good practice may be to email links to the new starter or provided through a series of short videos, then testing the new employee at the end of the week to ensure they have captured the key topics of information. A method that could be used to record an individual’s progress during the induction To ensure new starters introductions to the workforce are smooth and effective it’s important to ensure monitoring of their progress is in place. Most organisations have a 6-month induction period and it’s recommended to include monthly reviews within this period including some form of signed documentation confirming an interview has taken place. The meetings should include 365-degree feedback and once concluded (and signed) kept on
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