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This research essay of inquiry seeks to address the focus question; how does their individual story of migration reflect wider trends in the meta-narrative of Australian migration? I will be analyzing and evaluating this question, through focusing on the migration pattern of my great-grandmother, Doris Dastion/Edwards/Blumke. I specifically chose to analyse the migration patterns of Doris Blumke, primarily because my grandfather (Eric Blumke) was very close to his mother, Doris. As a child, I was exposed to many fanciful tales of my great-grandmother and my grandfather’s stories about what is like living in Kingaroy, Queensland. The wealth of knowledge, from my grandfather’s tales from his youth and the photographs of his parents, Frank and…show more content…
Her two brothers had both settled in and lived comfortably in rural Queensland. Looking for a better life away from the smog filled streets of England which was now the epicenter of a booming factory and industrialized country. Australia seemed to fit the bill. As the young nation urged people, primarily from Europe to leave their homeland in the promise of a better future. This is evident through the age that Doris arrive in Australia was very young, at the age of twenty. Plus, she was a single mother with an infant child. Though there is little to no information on her pervious husband. Although it was assumed that he died during the Great War or some illness back in England. This still remains a mystery today, primarily because she rarely mentioned her first husband. Furthermore, this could have been because she wanted to forget her old life in England and start new life in Australia.
However, this could have been a romatcised image of her last husband as my grandfather could not recall her ever mentioning his name. Plus, when Doris was alive, Eric offered to take her back to England, to her hometown to visit. She declined to the
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