Analyse What You Percieve to Be the Key Demographic Features of British Society and Their Impact on Business

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| Analyse what you perceive to be the key demographic features of British society and its implications to businesses | | | | |


British society is seen to be very diverse in nature, with it often being referred to as a ‘multicultural society’ as a result of different cultures being found everywhere; from religion and race through to the broad class structure. Therefore with Britain being so diverse, the demographic features of British society can play a huge part in whether a business succeeds or fails. This is largely because the social and cultural environment of Britain is constantly adapting and changing making it essential for businesses to have a good understanding of this environment in order to flourish.
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This is why in 2004 the Turner Report suggested that changes needed to be made to the pension’s scheme such as introducing a later retirement and increased taxes/NI contributions given to the pension’s scheme. Therefore there are a broad range of implications that this ageing population is having on businesses, as shown with business stakeholders now having to decide how far they should go to ensure their employees receive adequate pensions ie through occupational schemes. There is also the issue of how much input businesses should have in terms of NI and tax contributions as well as attempting to solve issues surrounding age discrimination, so that people have the possibility of extending their working life if they feel it necessary.
Britain is well known for having a ‘multicultural society’, which began as a result of the government introduce immigration opportunities after WWII in order to combat labour shortages. The different ethnicities that have since migrated to Britain with the EU expansion and from India, Pakistan etc prefer/generally tend to live together in small communities which can make integration into British society difficult.
One impact immigration has had on businesses is that they are required, as a result of the 1976 Race Relations Act, to employ an equal proportion of ethic minorities in their workplace as there are in society to ensure ‘equal
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