Analyse a Case Study `Change at Whirlpool Coroporationanalyse a Case Study `Change at Whirlpool Coroporation

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Environmental analysis (PESTEL , 5 forces
The political changes are likely to influence Whirlpool only insomuch it can affect the markets the company sells to , causing political instability that will wreak havoc in the economy . The company has already sustained , for instance , losses in South America - it can suffer more if the region experiences riots or major political upheavals
The organization is affected by the prosperity of people in the markets it targets that will translate into changes in both

replacement purchases and level of activity in construction companies
Economic activity will affect the relative weight of upscale brands such as KintchenAid as c compared to Frigidaire or Rapor brands
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They have to be given new distinct images that will permit customers to take a new look at old things . New promotions have to be developed that will target consumers who previously would not have thought of buying a Whirlpool appliance
The brand value creation strategy can also be useful to Whirlpool in emerging markets where it will follow Market Development strategy Whirlpool goods can be introduced into the market in a new light that will parallel the brand image the company creates in its traditional markets . This will single out Whirlpool products from the rest of the market and make them an impressive novelty in these markets
Strategy selection evaluation (suitability , feasibility accessibility
The strategy of brand value creation can be tested for
Suitability : it can be poorly compatible with the current risk- and change-averse culture
Feasibility : the projected cash generation from the increase in brand value can be mapped out in to see whether this will be appropriate
Accessibility : the company can tests what marketing promotions and other measures it can undertake to make its brands work
Implementation (force field analysis , change kaleidoscope
The force field analysis has identified the
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