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Mengdie Luo English 125.043 Scott Beal Jan.23, 2013 Assignment #1 More than frenemy Being a single child, as I can tell you, is a difficult thing. Aside from the sometimes-unresolvable loneliness and almost always-glued attention, the constant comparison with the ‘kids next door’ can be supremely annoying. The phrase stands for those children of several close friends of your mom or literally just the kids who live next door. For me, there’s always been a girl like that since I was five and things can be a little overwhelming when she is also a competitive Leo (star sign). In middle school, the girl would ask me to watch TV and ditch homework with her, while in fact she had secretly done the work beforehand.…show more content…
If we are making a comparison, women obviously have a better ‘appreciation’ for the word frenemy, judging from the frequency they use it. After all, envy is what determines the essence of frenemy, and is mainly the reason that drives people apart. Evolutionary psychology suggests that women are harder to be associative thinker while man thinks more hierarchically. This makes women better at raising children, but also makes them more easily jealous, intimated and insecure. The characterization of frenemy in a way gave women a relatively healthy outlet by accepting the person as is and avoiding more catfights. Aside from the common connotation, frenemy has much more positive interpretation: ‘If they weren’t enemy, they would have been friend.’ This marks respect for your competitor as one who also has great talents and capability. It is the courage and honesty to admit that because of him you have more incentives to improve. Media and celebrity, Richard Parker and Pi, Harry and Draco: they would have never developed so well and lost many dynamics if independent. Samsung is still the most reliable contractor for Apple, though it lost the lawsuit and has to give Apple 10.5 billion for stealing the creative ideas. Samsung fought back using the other way around by merging the other digital screen provider for Apple and nearly
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