Analyse and Discuss the Merits and Best Use

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Analyse and discuss the merits and best use of management skills
Throughout the essay I hope to be able to interpret the management skills that are essential in today’s working environment. I will also hope to explain my own positive and negative experiences I have come across throughout my working career. The main areas I will cover in this essay on management skills are Leadership, Teamwork, Partnership, Networking, Delegation and Negotiation.
We all want to be the best manager we can be, whether it is for your business, small project or social event or to meet targets in your workplace. Unfortunately most people have experienced bad managers or at least bad management skills in your work or personal life. The benefits of being a
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Partnerships can also ensure the business or project has the capabilities to support it and can evolve initiatives. The strategy of connectivity to other people and entities is now crucial for innovation and overall success. “Businesses today must propagate connections that provide resources they don’t possess in house and enable them to move quickly to profit.” states Mr Stephen Dent from Partnership Continuum.
Smart partnerships win not only because of what they do but, even more importantly, from how they do it. They win from leveraging their connectedness and from valuing the building of relationship skills. Partnerships can produce astonishing results—but only when information flows freely, people trust each other, and are loyal to each other and their mutual success.

Managers and people can get things done by networking. Networks are organized connections between people with shared interests when they exchange information, enlist support and create alliances getting agreement with others on a course of action and joining forces to make it happen. It is an essential way of getting things done in organizations – it ensures that the informal organization works.

They exist to meet a need and can be dispersed if that need no longer exists, only to be reformed when it reappears. Networks may just consist of people with similar aims or interests who

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