Analyse and Evaluate Your Syndicate’s Development and Functioning as a Group or Team According to Relevant Theories and Models You Encountered in Class or in Your Reading. Discuss Your Own Roles in the Syndicate and

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Analyse and evaluate your syndicate’s development and functioning as a group or team according to relevant theories and models you encountered in class or in your reading. Discuss your own roles in the syndicate and consider leadership issues. What would you do differently, given your experience and this analysis, to enhance the performance of the group and the satisfaction of its members? Being made-up of people teams are both enriched and impaired by the human activities and deficiencies. According to Larson & La Fasto, 1989 “A team is a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific goal”. In our team, relations were very neutral whereas there was no personal and positive relation which…show more content…
Third stage is Norming in which members share acceptance of roles and have a sense of unity; in our team the organization which we have selected was Tiger Airways in which one of the group partner’s friend work, so it’s actually his responsibility to have acceptance on that selection but he did not share information. regarding company and never participate in discussion with us so, I assigned roles to the different members of the team on the second day after forming a group but the other guy never interact or discuss about the whole report so indirectly their was no common goal as we were not aware of them that what they he is doing with. Fourth Stage is performing, where the emphasis is on the problem solving and accomplishing the assigned task so, as we three guys were making presentation and reports. Last stage is Adjourning; which emphasis is on wrapping and gearing down and as last there was effective team work between three guys and we do have to form a slide also so we started making the slides and last day one of the free loader said me to send him the slide so that he can make the whole report and the next morning on the presentation day he said he will
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