Analyse the Commodity Attractions of the Element Nickel Essay

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The intension of the paper is to analyse the commodity attractions of the element nickel. It is highly related to physical and chemical properties of the element because any commercial usage of this element is based on its property. Also, nickel is extracted from ore, so the ore deposit of it will be highly related to the capital of any nickel related business. The laterite nickel ore deposit, Greenvale located in Queensland be focused on to reveal the genesis and other attributes of this type of nickel deposit. Based on these information a conclusion of the current market status of nickel can be portrayed.

Properties and Utility Nickel is a transition metal on the periodic table. It is solid under room temperature
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(Keim 1990). Nickel is widely used in industries.

Ore deposit condition Most of nickel is extracted from laterite nickel ores, which consist 60%-70% of nickel on earth. This kind of ore is formed by the chemical weathering of serpentinite and other igneous rocks. Because of this requirement of weathering, deposits are located mostly in a humid tropical environment (Figure 1). (Butt & Cluzel 2013) The major end-product of this weathering process will be: hematite, nickeliferous limonitic ore ((Fe,Ni)O(OH).nH2O) and nickeliferous silicate ore ((Ni,Mg)6Si4O10(OH)8). Nickeliferous limonitic ore and nickeliferous silicate ore are the two dominant types of nickel ore. (Pickles 2003) uplifted oxide-rich regoliths form nickeliferous limonitic ore and nickel goes downward to saprolite and combine with silicates to form nickeliferous silicate ore. The silicate ore deposits at a greater depth than the limonitic ore. Nickeliferous limonitic ores are mostly weathered product of goethites. (Butt & Cluzel 2013) For both ores nickel content of each will be around 1.5%. Nickel in the silicate ore will be more than 1.5%. (Pickles 2003) Since laterite nickel ores are from the weathering of pre-existing rock, the composition of surrounding rocks, topography and climate are important factors. Usually laterite nickel ores will form on olivine-rich ultramafic rocks. These rocks are the basic building blocks of nickel ores.

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