Analyse the Impact of Two Pieces of Crime and Disorder Legislation

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BTEC L3 Diploma and 90 credit Diploma in Public Services
Unit number and title: 12.1 Crime and its Effects on Society
Assessor Name: Jacqueline Stockdale
Date issued: 29/09/14 Hand in deadline: 13/10/14
Assignment title
Know crime and disorder legislation, sentences and orders P1- Outline current crime and disorder legislation
P2- State the main sentences and orders criminal courts can impose
M1- Analyze the impact of two pieces of crime and disorder legislation
D1- Evaluate the impact of one piece of crime and disorder legislation Mentioned the impact on the victim, society and communities and the transport police but could do with more detail and facts or references statistics.

The Theft Act
This is
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There are also a significant number of thefts targeted at electricity supply lines and sub-stations. These may result in a high level of danger, not only for those committing the theft but for members of the public as a result of fires and danger from insecure installations.
Case Study
Metal theft: Britain's most annoying crime wave

One copper cable theft from a railway line. The result? A total of 108 trains delayed, 17 hours worth of hold-ups for thousands of passengers and damage put at over £80,000. Plus, probably, £50 for the thieves.
And these are the consequences of just one of three thefts in West Yorkshire on the East Coast Main Line in a single night last month.
Network Rail, which is responsible for the UK's rail infrastructure, says the situation is getting worse. On average there are currently six thefts a day across the country.
The past year has seen a huge jump in metal thefts, with a rise in the price of metals such as copper and lead being blamed. The rise is being driven by global demand prompted by China and other booming economies.
The plague of metal theft is having an impact on most people, not just rail companies.
Next time your train is delayed or cancelled due to " Signalling problems" there's a good chance it will be the fault of metal
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