Analyse the Issue of Whether Change Leaders Should Be Internal or External to the Organization

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Topic 1: Analyse the issue of whether change leaders should be internal or external to the organization (i.e.: drawn from the current ranks of leaders and even the current CEO versus drawn from other organizations). Consider the circumstances under which you would recommend internal versus external leadership.

Forces for change in organisation
Nowadays, organizations are shifting from industrial to informational. Sustained competitive advantage is realized through teamwork, flexible structures and global perspectives.

Why organizational changes need to use change leaders
The change leaders have the professional knowledge and skills of the organisation development. The leaders will provide intensive professional help to the
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They promote open communication, humanistic values, employee involvement, personal growth and development. This type of professionals is specializing in organisational development and is experienced and skilled in the social processes of the organization. In recent years, organization effectiveness, competitiveness and bottom-line results, greater attention to the technical, structural and strategic part of organization have been added to the traditional values and expectations.
The second type of organisational change leaders is the Organisation Development specialists. They are from other disciplines or departments such as Human Resource and Compensation and Benefits and they are mainly internal consultants, they apply organisation development practices in the organisation. They gain experiences through doing projects together or attending training with Professionals. Since these internal change leaders specialize respectively in each field such as management consulting, control system and health care, they apply their competence in organisation development process. Usually, professionals and managers plan, design and implement changes to the organisation and the specialists will practice these changes in their specialize areas of work, for examples: compensation practices, work designs, labour relations and planning and
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