Analyse the Limitations on the Powers of the Prime Minister.

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Analyse the limitations on the powers of the prime minister. There are limitations to the prime ministers powers, despite the prime minister role being the highest in UK politics. The prime minister still maintains many powers but one main limitation that there is, is the prime ministers’ party. Ministerial appointments require some recognition of the need for political balance and administrative competence. There is pressure from colleagues or the media to appoint certain people- all Prime Ministers at least listen to advice from senior colleagues before making appointments. The Prime Ministers ability to control the flow of business is restricted. Apart from drawing up the party manifesto, most Prime Ministers do not initiate policy-…show more content…
The Countryside Alliance has already organised one very large demonstration in London and has organised another for September 2002. No Prime Minister would admit that their policies are shaped by un-elected pressure groups but it is clear that in this case, the impact of the Countryside Alliance has been marked. Though the Prime Minister has a great deal of political power, this power is also balanced by the fact that there are limitations to that power. While a Prime Minister has the backing of his party, his position is secure; if he loses that support, then his position becomes very vulnerable. Any Prime Minister would always ensure that he knows what the opinions of the back-benchers
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