Analyse the marketing opportunities and challenges faced by a selected business when using Internet marketing

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U12 M2 – Analyse the marketing opportunities and challenges faced by a selected business when using Internet marketing

In this task I will analyse the marketing opportunities and challenges Apple faces by using internet marketing.

Over the years, Apple has gained many benefits from internet marketing. Due to the internet’s high popularity, internet marketing has allowed Apple to promote their products effectively and efficiently which allows the company to create relationships with customers. This is important as Apple must retain their customers, which in the future benefits them as customers will create sales for the business. This is also important because it is an effective way of advertising because the internet has become
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If the homepage is not attractive or professional looking, customers might have a bad impression upon the company and might not be interested to carry on searching on their website

In addition, Apple must keep up with the market, people’s opinions and ideas are always changing and it is important that Apple recognizes these changes to keep up with the market, as it is these customers who are potential future customers at Apple. Moreover, Apple must consider how safe customers feel using their online website, this is important because the online website is a very successful way of creating sales, and if customers are let down due to low confidence of the security and safeness of submitting payments, then Apple can lose sales and exiting customers. Apple must develop trust inside their customers which can be done by firstly sending customer’s emails from time to time and keeping them informed about any events, releases, updates and sales occurring.

Another challenge Apple has to face when using Internet marketing is that not all people are English speakers. This means that Apple must provide options for people who cannot understand the language, to make customer experience more personal and worthwhile. Apple must be aware of the various cultures and make sure no information is written as such to hurt any member/visitor using their online website. Apple must consider these cultures and aim to make their
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