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Analyzed contemprorary Health Issue- grand canyon university (rough draft No citation sorry) In this essay, the issues of diabetes will be examined. This disease exists when the body cannot regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. Because of this, the body fails to either produce or properly regulate the amount of insulin and thus causing the body to lose the ability to break down sugars and starch. Although the actual cause of diabetes is unknown, genetics and environmental factors like obesity, and poor exercise are likely to expose people to the such diseases. This essay will identify how the disease impacts the healthcare organization from a business point of view, whether differences do exist between how profit organizations and…show more content…
Most of the analysis in regards to diabetes, with the above two health plans shows that the business case for the management of diabetes is not strong. The average costs for the programs are very substantial and actually benefitting from the plan may take as much as 10 years. It has been estimated that only about $70 will be saved by most non-profit organizations. Society will gain substantially, due to the fact that they pay less money for health care and they can maintain their health at an affordable rate. It has also been estimated that a diabetic patient who spends about 11 years in the in such programs will more likely have improved benefit of about $30,000 and experience a quality life. Non-profit organizations (at one time) reimbursed provider groups through capitation which meant clinics were at the high risk of specialist fees and pharmacy charges. They later moved away from this arrangement and now carry about 60% of the risk and pharmacy charges. When it comes to managing diabetes, non-profit organizations are able to track patients past the early 1990’s and from available statistics, the value of patients' complications were reduced to about $30,000 with about $300 in operating costs. The financial management staffs have a varied amount of responsibilities which includes, educating themselves and their staff who work with diabetic patients about the disease and effective management strategies. They are also
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