Analysing A Country's Gdp And Infrastructure

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Besides analysing a country’s GDP and infrastructure, understanding its people’s literate level can be also important. The reason is as simple as that you cannot illustrate a superiority of a product to an illiterate person using a written advertisement. A marketer must adjust its campaign based on the literate level of a country. According to the research conducted by Haeran Jae and Devon DelVecchio from University of Kentucky, “given adequate involvement, high-literacy consumers tend to choose a product based on central cues while low-literacy consumers tend to choose a product based on peripheral cues.” Therefore, it is an international marketer’s job to determine what kind of marketing campaign he or she prefers to implement in terms of literacy rate. If a country has a low literacy rate, an informative campaign with more visual aid would be effective than a campaign with more “required reading”. It is not hard to conclude that researching and understanding the result of an emerging market’s economic development is the most important factor for an international marketer to do and to understand. While, designing a marketing campaign solely based on the economic development research can also sometimes be misleading, because of the culture differences between countries. As a matter of fact, the culture of a country a lot of times shapes the purchasing pattern of a country’s consumers. Thus, it is important for an international marketer to adjust their marketing plan to
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